gopalan super singer
  1. Please carry your duly filled participation form at the time of auditions.
  2. Eliminations are at the sole discretion of the Jury. No rights to question the jury about their decision.
  3. No Influence allowed.
  4. Only one chance given to perform on the stage until unless at jury's discretion.
  5. If you are not selected in particular Gopalan Mall or Audition Centers, you can try again with new form in other audition centers.
  6. At Audition round you can sing in any language, But Karaoke tracks has to be brought by contestants from quarter finals level onwards.
  7. Auditions on 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23th, 24th, 30th & 31th July 2016 held at Gopalan ArcadeMall, Gopalan Innovation Mall, Gopalan Signature mall.
  8. The grand finale will happen with grandeur 1 male or 1 female will be declared as the Gopalan Mall super singer in each age section.
  9. Participants should be completed 16 years as on 09.07.2016 for competing in adult age section.
  10. Auditions timings 11:00am to 2:00pm & 4:00pm to 8:00pm first come first serve.
  11. The participants should not have sung in any films nor in any albums earlier.
  12. If selected for TOP 10 or 20, the singer is supposed to be in Bangalore till the event or till the elimination in each age section.
  13. All expenses to be borne by the singer for the Audition rounds.
  14. Any taxes and statutory dues towards the prize claim has to be borne by the Winner.
  15. Winner shall redeem the prize within 15 days from the date of result.
  16. Participation forms are available for the specified period only.
  17. Participation forms & prizes are not transferable.
  18. The Company and the Sponsors will not be held responsible for any mishaps at the auditions and throughout the event.
  19. Organiser / Management has the right to use the participants photograph and contact number for promotion purpose.
  20. The terms & conditions can be changed at its sole discretion of its organizers & management.

2nd round. : Prepare for any two kannada and hindi songs.

  1. Pitching : on the keyboard 3 different pitches will be provided. Contestant will have to sing the song in the pitches given .
  2. Rhythm : contestant will have to match the song to various rhythm patterns.

If a contestant sings in the wrong pitch , the rhythm round will not be conducted .