Gopalan Cinemas

When you are seated in the Gopalan Cinema multiplex theatre, when the lights go off and the movie begins, you will be instantly transported into a different world. That’s the power of GopalanCinemas; we ensure that your movie watching experience is unparalleled.

Just grab your popcorn and cold beverage and in you go!

Enjoy the adventures of a superhero, get your adrenaline up during an action flick, laugh your heart out during a comedy or pamper your partner with a romantic movie experience. All in all, it’s an exceptional movie watching experience at Gopalan Cinemas.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!

Why choose us?

  • We have 15 screens across our 5 Gopalan Malls in Bangalore.
  • You can watch the best Indian and international movies here.
  • The Dolby Digital Sound will leave you mesmerised.
  • Tickets are available at the Box Office at each cinema and can also be booked online on and
  • We are open to tie-ups with brands and corporates, where special offers on movie tickets can be extended to your clients or employees .

Weekends or weekdays, special occasions or just an ordinary day, at Gopalan Malls celebrate life every day. Indulge in shopping, watch movies, go bowling or feed yourself with some delicious snacks at any of the Gopalan Malls and enjoy a truly enchanting experience.